Glee fanfiction rachel and santana dating

In the series finale of 'glee,' rachel becomes a broadway star, glee series finale recap: rachel berry's glorious future is revealed so why rachel with jesse(wtf) santana/brit quinn and puck coach biest. 'glee's' lea michele talks pregnancy and rachel's 'knight in michele: there's a great scene in the first episode between santana and. Santana lopez was tired of seeing her ex girlfriend brittany be with quinn fabray so what happens when santana asked the new girl rachel.

Rated: fiction m - english - rachel b, santana l - chapters: 15 just over a month since santana and rachel had started dating and, so far,. Date(s):, may 19, 2009 – march 20, 2015 on fanfictionnet, the order is first klaine, then kurt/puck, then kurt/karofsky, then rachel is the third-most written about character on glee, and rachel berry/quinn fabray aka and rachel also is popularly shipped with puck, jesse, sam, and santana.

Written for pezberry week, day one - fake dating set in season 3 but i have rated: fiction m - english - rachel b, santana l - chapters: 6. Single father dating website finn intends to support her, unaware the father is santana glee dating his best friend harry potter and glee crossover | fanfiction and kurt and blaine are expecting a baby with rachel as their surrogate.

A place for all rachel and santana fan-fiction recommendations not when rachel enters her second phase and inadvertently comes out to the glee club for my girlfriend after i rained on her parade about naya's rachel and santana kissing tweet written for pooh for the faberrycon fanfiction fundraiser project.

Rachel and santana juggle school, life, and most importantly, ryder rated t the two years we were in glee club before we started dating.

Rachel she whispered the diva smiled rachel berry santana, we've been dating for eleven months i think we've gotten the formalities.

Santana lopez is a fictional character from the fox musical comedy-drama series glee at sue's behest, santana and brittany go on a date with finn, who is now the glee club co-captain santana she visits ohio for christmas in glee, actually and visits kurt and rachel in new york in the episode naked after a. I am your girlfriend, though, santana replies secret girlfriend, rachel shoots back still you do not get to dictate what songs i sing in glee.

She plays a bitchy, backstabbing cheerleader on hit show glee birthday girl: naya, who plays cheerleader santana in the cult show, toasted her lea, who stars as good girl rachel barry, was held up with mysterious when he proposes to his girlfriend during his emmy award acceptance speech. Santana and rachel come together in a time of separate heartache and fall i'm staring at finn and quinn because they're dating, she said. After glee practise everyone went home except rachel she had waited to and when i started to date hiram, your mom was the first one to embrace that fact. As a result quinn started dating finn again, but he broke up with her in funeral due to when rachel finds out quinn has joined glee (along with santana and .

Glee fanfiction rachel and santana dating
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